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" Stop threatening and scaring activists and their families"

From : South Azarbaijan independent national civil activists .

To : Mr. Dr . Ahmad Shahid the great commissioner of human rights of the united nations on Iranian affairs .

According to the received news from genuine sources of south Azarbaijan ( Iran's Azarbaijan ) national civil activists spectrum and some other eye witnesses in connection with the matter , Iran 's persianist sovereignty has newly spread out its terror field much more than ever to upset the general moral of society and family members of south Azarbaijan national civil activists .

The pressure of apartheid regime includes the families whose apples of eyes ( the activists ) have left home for various reasons such as security problem .

Mr . Mahboob Amrahi is one of those several national civil activists who has been made to quit home . Now he is getting along in Turkey due to the clear reasons .

Mr . Mahboob Amrahi has newly written an open letter to the united nations and the international human rights types to inform that the officials of intelligence department of Islamic republic attacked his family house in Khoy in order to demoralize his family and hold in terror . Khoy is the place of birth of Mr . Mahboob Amrahi in south Azarbaijan . ( Iran 's Azarbaijan ) .

Today Mr . Mahboob Amrahi is a clear example of south Azarbaijan's national civil activists whose worshipful family members are obviously under pressure of a rapacious dictatorship .

It's , of course , remind able that the independent national civil activists of south Azarbaijan do worry about the health of every single Azarbaijan national civil activists and their respectful families with any sort of ideology and political style on the Azarbaijan's independency path .

We specifically address today Mr . Doctor Ahmad Shahid , the one who is the great commissioner of human rights of the united national on Iranian affairs .

Mr . Doctor Ahmad shahid , üe do hope that the threats terror of the İslamic republic on South Azarbaijan national civil activists will be decreased with your humankind – inquiring efforts and your special efficiencies .

We South Azarbaijan national pronounce that we collectivly are in want of performing the human rights compltely .

We South Azarbaijanians call the international organizations and civil activities – related organs such as the united nations to protect the health of South Azarbaijanian civil activists from any danger of Islamic republic .

Directed by :

" The south South Azarbaijan independent national civil activists spectrum "

Please see : " This open letter is written in the following petition of South Azarbaijan national civil activist Mr . Mahboob Amrahi in Farsi including a picture of the activist"

2013 / Mar / 28

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