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Meeting of six members and representatives of the Europe parliament with the south Azerbaijani activistis

A group of Azerbaijani activists met with themembers of parliament of Europe and its representatives in Europe parliament.

      According to AZOH, Azerbaijani activists met with some of Europe parliament members and their political advisers in the Parliament headquarters in Brussels, on the last Tuesday and Wednesday (9th and 10th July), explained Azerbaijan national demands and problems of the Turkish Nation of south Azerbaijan and urged European countries to help Azerbaijani nation.

Below are the names of Europe parliamentarians and their representatives, whom Azerbaijani activists met with:

-Göran Färm (Deputy Secretary of the Group Social Leader Alliance – Social Democrats in parliament in Europe),

-Josef Weidenholzer (Special Commission of Iran),

-Christofer Fjellner (member of Iran's special committee and a member of the Environment Committee),

-Anna Maria crozza Bildt (a member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden),

-Gunnar Hökmark (Vice Secretary of the Party Group Europe people),

-Anna Ibrisagic (a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations)

The significant topics discussed in this several-hours meeting, were severe and serious violation of human rights in South Azerbaijan and the Lake Urmia issue. Members of Parliament receive a brochure prepared by the south Azerbaijan delegation and also the 130-page report on human rights in South Azerbaijan in the past 4 years, then discussed about cases.

The Europe MPs stated that such meetings are being held for the first time for south Azerbaijan case, while announced their ignorance about the issue of South Azerbaijan, Emphatically stating the need to continue such meetings and numerous seminars. Professor Joseph Josef Weidenholzer, who earlier had a meeting with the delegation of the south Azerbaijan, stated that background of the issue of south Azerbaijan is provided more than ever, as he got a new report on the second meeting. He also mentioned the pressure on Iran on this issue in future.

Canceling the "Special Commission of Iran" session in the sidelines of the meetings, is one the most important points to be noticed. The formal session of the Commission Europe was officially announced since nearly two months before and the South Azerbaijan delegation was invited by some members of the Commission to be present there and participate in discussions, but it was canceled in the last hours before meeting for unknown reasons.

It is worth mentioning that dozens of tracts containing Azerbaijan political detainees` names, human right booklets for Azerbaijan, brochures about the history and geography of south Azerbaijan and Lake Urmia disaster, printed by south Azerbaijani activists, were put in most of Europe parliamentarians` shelves to inform them the problems of Azerbaijan.

It is noted that Mr. Mahmoud Bilgin (spokesman for South Azerbaijan Democratic Party), Mr. Amir Mardani (Speaker of Azerbaijan Student Movement - AZOH) and Ms. Aida Karimli (South Azerbaijan women's rights activist) participated in the meetings. The delegation also met with the chief of the South Caucasus and Human Rights department of Open Society Institute (Soros), earlier on Monday 8th of July. 


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