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Exhibition of Urmia Lake drying up with participation of Sweden parties

A photo exhibition was held in behalf of Lake Urmia in Gothenburg, Sweden on August23th. On the base of AZOH report, the representatives of some Sweden parties and associations as well as the social media correspondents attended to this exhibition and were informed about Lake Urmia drying up.

High representatives of Sweden parties; social democrat, Green party, left party, people party, Christian democrat party, liberal women party, and A.B.F party participated in the exhibition and indicated that they will consider the situation of Lake Urmia as a current issue in their parties.

The most interesting part of this exhibition was that so many parties’ representative attended the exhibition to be aware about Lake Uremia. They got involve intensively by spending hours to discuss about Lake Urmia and conversed about the possible solution for the issue.

The exhibition had different parts; Lake Urmia drying up, south Azerbaijan prisoners’, south Azerbaijani people who sacrificed themselves, the protest of 2006, and Varzagan earth quake which was exposed by dozen of poster and brochures. The exhibition organizers described about sought Azerbaijan political prisoners and the people who were sacrificed themselves in recent year also a thirty minute video was shown in this regard.

 The exhibition was shown online by AZOH website while the representatives of GADP, AZOH, Azerbaijan-Sweden federation, Azerbaijan Evi, Butov Azerbaijan TV,and AL-Ahvaz were attend the exhibition and they had time to indicate their view about Lake Urmia. In the meantime AZOH and GADP Parties representatives, the exhibition organizers, indicated that they deliberated with Sweden media and on the base of primary arguments they are planning to hold the same exhibition in Stockholm with the presence of high representative of Sweden parliament.


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