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Importing Chinese shoes has placed Urmia's footwear industry on the brink of bankruptcy

AZOH: Although the recent sanctions have caused sharp increasing of raw materials for producing shoes in southern Azerbaijan, but Iran's commercial contracts with China and importing shoddy and cheap Chinese shoes also have caused to be Urmia's footwear industry on the brink of bankruptcy.

According to SASM, Taghi Abbas Alizadeh the head of Urmia shoe makers union, in an interview with local reporters said about this case: " The quality of produced bags and shoes in Urmia city is more satisfactory than other cities. Difficulty of supplying raw materials for bags and shoes and also lack of sufficient wealth of manufacturing centers are the problems of this section.

Compared to previous years, importing Chinese shoes has been decreased together with increasing tha value of currency. But still Chinese shoes are imported into the country through customs and offered for other cities through Tehrani distributors which this act damages manufacturers.

It should be noted, footwear industry in Southern Azerbaijan has a special position in economic activities. Previously, Tabriz's footwear industry also had been on the brink of bankruptcy because of raw materials sanction and indiscriminate importation of Chinese junky shoes.


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