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The police commander: The seiz of 34 wedding caravan in Asad Abad of Hamedan province

AZOH: Mohsen Eqbalian, the police commander of Asad Abad city in Hamedan province, said about seizure of 34 wedding caravan in the city, during the first sixt months of this year.

According to SASM, on Saturday 15th the September,Mr Eqbalian has expressed this subject matter at the general council of Asad Abad.

He has said: " In addition The police 110 has treated with 14 case caravan, it has been taken a written commitment of them."

Eqbalian also reported on seizing of 4 concert in this city which had came to Asad Abad from other cities, for performance.

Mousa Hosseini-Majd, Asad Abad's fridaye prayer also have said in this meeting: " The disturbances of wedding caravans should be followed up by police management, judiciary supoort and IRGC cooperation in the city."

He also said: " There is no doubt that the musical instruments and dance in the wedding parties are against the religion and prohibited in Islam."


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