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Alireza Beyqi: We have to think about shrinking Urmia Lake

AZOH: The governor of East Azerbaijan province referring to which Urmia Lake requirement for water is 19 billion cubic meters, said :" Naturally it is impossible to supply this quantity of water; Therefore we have to think about shrinking Urmia Lake."

According to SASM Ahmad Alireza beyqi, among the population of Dizaj SHeykh Marjan village, of Shabestar city functions, referring to the situation of Urmia Lake and limitation of water resources around the lake, stated:" The factors such as reduced precipitation, climate change and increased cultivation levels have caused today our water resources and uses are not match. Therefore, the water resources must be managed better and more optimized.

Stating that quantity of water requirements for Urmia Lake is 19 billion cubic meters, he added: "Naturally, it is impossible to provide this quantity of water hence we have to work on shrinking the lake. At the same time, by optimal management of water resources and other resources utilization such as sewage purification, groundwater will be reinforced."


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