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Terrible images of Urmia Lake's salt storms on Friday 4th October + Images

AZOH: On Friday afternoon winds at the edge of the urmia Lake led to the horrific scenes.

According to SASM, a very bitter and dangerous incident which had been warned about it for years unfortunately is happening.

Drying Urmia lake up has caused that blowing strong winds makes salt storms in the region which is on the Tabriz metropolitan way. While villages and cities in the path experienced this salt storm Friday evening.

Earlier the head of East Azerbaijan agriculture organization had warned: "Due to the region monsoon winds, Urmia Lake by spreading salt has attacked on agricultural lands and trees of East and west Azerbaijan provinces."

Masoud Mohammadiyan pointed out that agricultural lands of East Azerbaijan and the provinces located in the northwest of Iran, is influenced by being Urmia Lake dried and added: " Drying Urmia lake will destroy farming and gardens in the region and if it won't be found an emergency solution we will confront a huge environmental, Economical, social and agricultural disaster in the region."

According to many experts statements, in the case of continuing current trend and drought, with the most optimistic estimates, by occurrence of common winds in the region spread of salt will attack on farm lands, gardens, cities and villages and agriculture in the region will be damaged seriously.



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