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گفتنی است این سایت آرشیو مطالب منتشر شده از اسفند 89 تا دی 92 و همچنین از مهر 94 تا شهریور 95 را شامل می شود

5 more people were executed in Ardebil and Babol

AZOH: Three prisoners charged with drug trafficking in Ardebil and two other prisoners accused of murder in Babol were executed in public.

According to SASM, public and revolutionary prosecutor of Babol said: "Two murderer of Tavakol family who on November 2010 entered the house and killed four members of this family heinously including two young children, a boy and a girl and also the parents, this morning (5th October) were executed in the main square of Babol by confirmation of the supreme court.

Also Ardebil department of justice reported of executing three jailors on drug smuggling charges.

Justice of Ardebil stated: "These merchants of death were executed on purchase and carrying 19 kg of Heroin charges. This year 16 smugglers have been executed in Ardebil. In accordance with eighth article of Narcotics law, penalty for trafficking more than 30 grams of Heroin is execution."


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