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An abhorrent insult to the Turks of world and Azerbaijani Turks by the head of Iran's academy of art

AZOH: Ali Moallem Damghani the head of Iran's academy of art and a Persian poet named the Turks savage and said Azerbaijani Turks have been primitive and wild after civilization.

According to SASM Mr Damghani came from the same city of Iran's current president said in a note: "... And the greatest grief is that the Azeri people have never had Turkish ancestry due to overcoming language of guest tribes whom were known as nomadic tribes and been savage after civilization."

It should be mentioned that this Aryan racist while speaking about the great civilization of Aryan Iranians in this note, called the Turks wild and Bedouin and addressed the Turks living in Iran and republic of Northern Azerbaijan by fake Azeri name and stated if these Azeri people know their selves as descendants of savage and nomadic Turks, it is brutality after civilization.

He has expressed that Azeri people were Aryan and civilized whom dominance of wild guests has changed their language to Turkish.

It is noteworthy that Mr Damghani attends at meetings of Ayatollah KHamenei's poetry nights and reads poems in praise of the supreme leader of Iran.


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