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گفتنی است این سایت آرشیو مطالب منتشر شده از اسفند 89 تا دی 92 و همچنین از مهر 94 تا شهریور 95 را شامل می شود

Mr . Salar Touri , the one who is suffering the torture of Islamic republic

From : The south Azerbaijan national civil activists spectrum .

To : The presidency of human rights organization Mr . Ahmad shahid and

all the national human rights organizations .

Mr . Salar Touri , the one who is suffering the torture of Islamic

republic , is another South Azerbaijanian independent civil activist .

According to the genuine sources of GAMT , Salar ( Michael ) is being

excruciated with both the worst physical and mental tortures and

excruciations .

The mobs of Islamic republic seized the civil activist on Shahrivar 25

th in 1392 ( 16 September 2013 ) . The civil activist whose name is

mentioned above , is one of those activists who had been threatened

and captured before then too .

After having  been seized and taken to an unknown place ,Salar Touri

was interrogated and investigated roughly and toughly in unethical and

inhuman ways .

In via very few clues to khnow about his destiny . But the

authoritiese claimed that this case is was not related to the civil

activist ‘s previaus teahouse case .

According to the ministry of justice in Tabriz , they seriously took

into consideration Salar Touri ‘s case since 3 months before his

latest arrestment .

Salar Touri had been sentenced to prison penalty due to his identity –

searching civil activities . he was apprehended alongside the other 50

civil activists and some other  common costumers in the yanar teahouse

For the first time on sixth Esfand in 1391 ( 20 February 2012 ) in

GOLSHAHR district in Tabriz city .

That was the day when south Azerbaijan ‘s exquisite football team

played with Aljazeerea football club for U .A .E Asian champion ship

cup .

He attended at the first meeting of his trial at unequal court on 12th

Esfand in 1391 ( 3 March 2012 ) alongside some other prisoners and

companions of the some track ( Mohammad Khatibi , Ali sirnak , Adil

Khandan ) and then was referred to Tabriz city’s central prison .

The Persian hegemony released him from prison on the condition of

depositing 100 million Tomans at stake for each one on Esfand 22nd  in

1391 . ( 13 March 2012 ) .

He was also caught with one of his companions Vahid Habib cheshmeh in

his own personal house for the same accusation . It was the time when

mother tongue day was being celebrated . Nearly , after spending 3

months in prison , the activist was released From prison by the

verdict of the first branch of Tabriz revolutionary court .

In accordance of the rules of the Islamic republic , the clear verdict

of the 2 civil activists has been abolished . they both have been

sentenced to 4 month prison for really irrelevant accusations .

“ We do call all the international human rights communities to hear

the voice of more than 30 million South Azerbaijanians . “



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