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Minister of energy officially announced: "The beginning of Urmia Lake revival has been cancelled to the end of this year

AZOH: Hamid Chitchiyan said at a press conference: "To implement 19 immediate solutions to save Urmia Lake, a revival campaign creation was adopted in the parliament."

He regarding the implementation of 19 immediate solutions to save Urmia Lake said: "We, as a teamwork which was formed for this issue, delivered the results to government 10 days earlier and 24 solutions were analysed and investigated."

According to SASM, Mr Chichiyan stated: "However the budget was very low in 2012 and totally 10 billion Rials was allocated for this case. This year 24 billion Rials again was predicted for reviving Urmia Lake which only 8 billion Rials was paid so far."

He said:" By surveys of professional associations the number of solution projects were been 43 cases. Eventually, of all those projects, 19 cases which were emergency approved by government and departments of energy, agriculture and environment were prepared to implement these projects."

Energy minister reiterated: "We will also determine the project manager of Urmia Lake revival in the coming days, while the revival campaign of Urmia Lake has been passed by government."

He continued:" Vice president has also promised to provide adequate resources for department of energy (DOE) and project manager. Due to we have now passed the half of year, much measures will be carried out after next year. But now we are concentrated in this field to financial supports and also studies of Sea water transmission to Urmia Lake have begun."

Chitchiyan reported of an international private company's willingness to provide the necessary resources and studies to revive Urmia Lake and added: "Issue of wetlands are not just dedicated to Urmia Lake and unfortunately there are other wetlands that have gradually suffered a bitter fate such as Urmia Lake. But government and department of energy are attempting with maximum ability to prevent environmental disasters in the country."


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