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85 percent of Urmia Lake has been completely dried

AZOH: Now only 15 percent of the total area of Urmia Lake is remained.

Hassan Abbasnejad, director of environmental protection of West Azerbaijan province, on Sunday 17th November beside confirming this bitter news said: "Only 6 percent of the southern part of Urmia lake is left and totally 85 percent of Urmia Lake's surface is completely dried."

According to SASM this environmental official of the province assessed the range of outcomes of Urmia Lake disaster would be very wide and said in this regard: "Because of the crisis which Urmia Lake is now faced with that, we should expect increasing cancers and respiratory diseases."

According to Abbasnejad's statements due to detriments which damage the environment, agriculture in West Azerbaijan province is not affordable."

Many of experts emphasize that development of agricultural project and irrigation in the region is the main factors of Urmia Lake drying process."


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