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Iran's minister of interior united with the Kurd groups: Urmia province!!

AZOH: Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli in a press conference announced new governors of Hormozqan, Boushehr, Sistan-Balouchestan, Kermanshah and Urmia!! and Kurdistan were presented to the cabinet for approval and four other governors would be introduced this weekend.

This is done while the Kurd groups are trying to forge and counterfeit the historical axioms and undeniable facts and considered cities of Southern Azerbaijan like Tekab, Mahabad, naghadeh and even Urmia as a part of Kurdistan territory. Hence they use the phrase of Urmia province instead of West Azerbaijan province to destroy and disappear the name of Azerbaijan.

This time Iran's minister who previously had also introduced a Kurd to tenure of governor of West Azerbaijan, distorted the name of the province and stated Urmia province.

It should be mentioned that Anti-Turks policies against Azerbaijan have been intensified in the cabinet of Rouhani, new president of Iran.


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