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گفتنی است این سایت آرشیو مطالب منتشر شده از اسفند 89 تا دی 92 و همچنین از مهر 94 تا شهریور 95 را شامل می شود

Making factitious and unreal charge of "Burning Iran's flag" for two Azerbaijani civil activists by intelligence service and strongly and severely torturing them

AZOH: Iran's intelligence ministry by an abhorrent and hideous act, have put two Azerbaijani civil activist under the worst torture on factitious charge of burning Islamic republic of Iran's flag.

According to received reports to SASM Taha kermani and Hossein Ali Mohammadi who after being arrested on 13 Aban were taken to the detention centre of intelligence service in Tabriz, are now pressured and tortured heavily by security forces to accept charge of burning Iran's flag.

These Azerbaijani civil activists have been kept in the detention centre of intelligence office and solitary confinement so far and only once have been permitted to make a telephone call to their families.

These accusations are completely unreal and it is emphasized these two activists have not had any role in courageously burning Islamic Republic of Iran's flag in Tabriz and intelligence agents of Tabriz only to respond to Tehran and evade accepting defeat in the arrest of real perpetrators of this occurrence, have captured two innocent persons and tortured them brutally.

Just like the event of raising "South Azerbaijan Is Not Iran" placards which intelligence agents arrested 6 innocent persons to interrogate and kept them for 6 weeks in the detention centre.

It should be noted that previously Taha Kermani and Hossein Ali Mohammadi had been arrested several times.


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