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گفتنی است این سایت آرشیو مطالب منتشر شده از اسفند 89 تا دی 92 و همچنین از مهر 94 تا شهریور 95 را شامل می شود



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Southern Azerbaijan Student Movement (SASM) while inviting all Azerbaijan lover people to pull together and cooperating, believes it never withholds whatever it can do for Azerbaijan.


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شماره عنوان مطلب بازدیدها
76 Two days meetings: SASM's and SADP's agencies with Vice-Chair of Committee on Agriculture and the administrator of secretariat of Delegation for relations with Iran 12796
77 Agents of AZOH and GADP met Vice-chair of Delegation for relations with Iran in European parliament 10847
78 Ali Jabbari was released 16146
79 discounted condemnation of 9 political activist 15275
80 5th anniversary of May 22nd 2006. South Azerbaijanian movement in North-West Iran+ video 7293
81 Do Greens Represent Iran’s Women’s Movement? 7925
82 Fears Of Ethnic Tensions Rise In Iran Amid Azeri Clashes 7914
83 Arrival of a Rusian Cintifiques to Tehran 7239
84 Exhibition of Urmia Lake drying up with participation of Sweden parties 13759
85 The Report on Human Rights Abuse in Azerbaijan in 2008-2011 7432
86 Discussions on Iranian Azeris in Washington, DC 7847
87 South Azerbaijan: State ideology and the Turks in Iran 7378
88 New wave of demonstrations in Iranian Azerbaijan suppressed by riot police 7089
89 Second USAN campaign to help save lake Urmia in West Azerbaijan region 10951
90 Please send the letter to United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon. It will take only 1 minute of your time 6467
91 Iran's Dam Policy and the Case of the Lake Urmia 8612
92 South Azerbaijani activist is found dead in Tabriz 9351
93 How a provincial club became a focus for dissent in Iran 11406
94 A Petition for recognition of the Khojaly Massacre 8440
95 A report of Javid nazmi Javid nazmi is a national civil activists of south Azarbaijan 7732
96 A report of Mr . Azimi ghadim and his situation in prison 7823
97 A report of south Azarbaijan national movement activist Aziz purvali 7493
98 A report of south Azarbaijan political prisoners’ dangerous and vague situation " Mohammad khatibi 7079
99 A report from Mohammad ahadis’ latest situation 7656
100 A report from Ahmad riyzi mobaraki 8057
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