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Southern Azerbaijan Student Movement (SASM) while inviting all Azerbaijan lover people to pull together and cooperating, believes it never withholds whatever it can do for Azerbaijan.


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شماره عنوان مطلب بازدیدها
51 5 more people were executed in Ardebil and Babol 6167
52 Terrible images of Urmia Lake's salt storms on Friday 4th October + Images 5963
53 A widespread distribution of leaflets in the cities of Southern Azerbaijan: Release Azerbaijani political prisoners 5717
54 Three execution in Ardebil 6404
55 A sit-in in Urmia University of Technology 6759
56 Probability of being 70 workers unemployed in Ardebil Iron Foundry 6039
57 Arresting a Facebook admin in East Azerbaijan province 6266
58 Arrest of 57 internet users in West Azerbaijan province during 6 months 6121
59 Qazvin: "Thirty violator internet cafes were closed in the first six months of this year 6205
60 Thirty internet cafes were closed in Qazvin province 6536
61 Political prisoners of Southern Azerbaijan and Urmia Lake were the issues of discussion of European Parliament members+ Video+ Images 5930
62 Four people were executed on Saturday morning in Qazvin 6546
63 SASM's and SADP's common statement: The request for being absence and not attending in the schools and universities and not speaking Farsi on 23th September 6150
64 A commemoration of Southern Azerbaijani political and conscience prisoners on Friday 20th September 2013 in Miyandoab, West Azerbaijan- Images 11265
65 An Azerbaijani man was condemned to death in Salmas 12568
66 Alireza Beyqi: We have to think about shrinking Urmia Lake 11576
67 Images of capturing Hossein Ali Mohammadi during Tractor FC match 12704
68 Salar Touri was arrested 14263
69 The police commander: The seiz of 34 wedding caravan in Asad Abad of Hamedan province 13122
70 Southern Part of urmia Lake is going to dry up in less than a year 13241
71 14months imprisonmet for three Azerbaijani civil activists in the Revolutionary court of Mahabad- Southern Azerbaijan 11084
72 A shop window with the name of Persian Gulf was pulled down 14756
73 Importing Chinese shoes has placed Urmia's footwear industry on the brink of bankruptcy 11103
74 ?A widespread graffiti in Marand city, Southern Azerbaijan: Why should Marand's China soil be plundered 10217
75 "Beating and arresting Hossein Ali Mohammadi and a few fans of Tractor by security forces" 12938
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