A report from Mohammad ahadis’ latest situation


Mohammad ahadi is an Azarbaijan civil activist who was freed with

money on deposit . He s’ comeback to prison to serve the rest of his

sentence at Tabriz prison .

The identity demanding activist was accused of gathering with his

companions For a procedure work out Azarbaijans’ ecological problems ,

declaration aganst parsian hegomony in the name of İslamic repoblic

system and other unfair accusations of those types .

He was sentenced to 4 years in prison For his civil activities . He

comeback prison on 2 / Dec / 2013 .

He was arrested accompanied by a friend of his on 23 / Jan / 2012 .

The officials of intelligent department caught hic at his dadys’ house

. Then he was taken to be interrogated and investigated at Tabriz

central prison .

After being tortured for 50 days at the intelligent department at

Tabriz central prison and resisting 4 months prison he was able to be

freed with 200 millions money on deposit .

Mohammad ahadi was born pursued and threatened several times before

then For his constant nationalism activities .

He was majored in agriculture engineering at Tabriz university

He was one of the well – known and one of the most active student at

Azarbaijan – introducing department .

The civil activist of national movement of south Azarbaijan was active

in cultural Fields including teaching Turkish , too .


« independent activists spectrum of south Azarbaijan national movement»

2013 / jan / 23