A report of south Azarbaijan political prisoners’ dangerous and vague situation " Mohammad khatibi


AZOH: Mohammad khatibi one who is an activist of south Azarbaijan , was

arrested at his fathers’ home on Khatib street by the officials of

Islamic republic intelligent service on January 8th in 2013 .

They took him to an unknown place without any sort of informing about

the activists’ health situation .

The offensive officials of Islamic republic declared to inspect every

inch of his fathers’ home , specifically including his personal room

and its  properties such as Pc , books , and soon without showing any

Formal identification card or arrestment verdict according to the

reports of south Azarbaijan national movement independent activists

spectrum .

The officials of Islamic republic of Iran had tried arresting him

before then , but the south Azarbaijanian activist was able to save

himself .

At one of those cases the officials of Persian hegemony inspected his

sisters’ apartment at six o'clock in the morning on July 3th in 2012 .

Mohammad khatibi is one of the vast majority of people who burst on

the street of Tabriz ,  Urmu , Ardabil , and Zanjan to protest against

the drying up of URMU LAKE on April – first – 2011 .

Finally he was on trial at 104 branch of justice on july 8 – 2012 .



« independent activists spectrum of south Azarbaijan national movement»

2013 / jan / 28