A report of south Azarbaijan national movement activist Aziz purvali


Aziz purvali , a civil activist üho comes from south Azarbaijan , has

been transferred to prison in simultaneous with the other civil

activists of south Azarbaijan . According to the south Azarbaijan

national movement independent activists spectrum, the political

activist of south Azarbaijan was arrested and taken to Tabriz prison

on 2012 , Dec , 10 .

Aziz purvali had been arrested in a Ramazan party at the house of a

friend of his and held in captivity at the individual cell of

intelligent service .

The civil activist of south Azarbaijan has been arrested several times

for his civil activities by the offensive official of racist monarchy


1 – In his own personal house in 1999.

2 – At Babak fortress in the anniversary of Babak in 2001.

3 – On the anniversary day of death of professor Zehtabi in Shabestar in 2002 .

4 – At Babak fortress in the anniversary of Babak 2003 .


On every single of occasions above , the civil activist was under the

creepy pressure of racist monarchy .

It is necessary to say that the Persian hegemony has exacerbated the

Pressure on the civil activists of south Azarbaijan .


« independent activists spectrum of south Azarbaijan national movement»

2013 / jan /31