Thirty internet cafes were closed in Qazvin province

AZOH: A senior police official of Qazvin province said: "Thirty violator internet cafes were closed in the first six months of this year."

According to SASM Mehdi Sarhang Mokhatri Nasab, Qazvin police chief stated in this regard:" The police officers of production and exchange of information atmosphere of Qazvin province by observation and patrol cyberspace have put continuously fighting crime in cyberspace on their own agenda."

He added: "During the first six months of this year 95% of cyber-crimes were discovered and the occurrence of these crimes has declined by 28%."

The police chief reiterated about police surveillance on internet cafes:" This year during three phases all internet cafes in Qazvin city were visited and thirty offender cafes have been closed."

Mr Mokhtari nasab assessed the situation of cafes in Qazvin province favourable and said: "To respect! Civil rights and keep individual and private information, details and profiles of referred people have been recorded and cafes have been equipped with surveillance cameras."