The epic of Sahand stadium on 29th November; Resonating nationalist slogans, shouting to save Urmia Lake+ Video

AZOH: As previously it had been promised and expected, on Friday 29th November another epic at Sahand Stadium of Tabriz was happened and more than 60 thousand Azerbaijani fans of Tractor FC, chanted nationalist slogans repeatedly.

According to SASM, during the soccer match between Azerbaijan's Tractor FC and Iran's Perspolis FC which was over with the result of Tractor's win, attendees at the stadium chanted repeatedly the slogans such as: " Urmia Lake is dying, Iran commands to kill it", " Long Live Azerbaijan", "Everyone loves Tractor, the noble people love that", " We should destroy the dams and fill Urmia Lake with water", " Education in Azerbaijani Turkic Language" and so on.

To see a few chanted slogans please click on the link below.