Arrests of several fans of Tractor FC+ The names

AZOH: The involvement during the soccer match of Tractor and beating several fans by security forces, were resulted in arrest of them.

According to SASM, while closing to the beginning of football match between Azerbaijan's Tractor FC and Iran's Perspolis FC sensitivity in the stadium has reached its climax and following the chanting nationalist slogans several tractor fans were beaten by security forces and taken out of the stadium.

According to the reports by eyewitnesses, the names of a few detainees are: Savad Salehpour and Behnam Eslami ( Tabriz), Ali Masoumi and Hossein Narimanzadeh ( Parsabad), Akbar Taheri (KHoy), Amir Taavizi, Mojtaba Kamali and Javad Kamali( Bonab).

These fans have been transferred to the detention centre of intelligence office of Tabriz in Saeb Avenue.

It should be noted that security agents by extensive attending at the entrances of Sahand stadium, searched all the fans unprecedentedly and even in some cases, have prevented some young children from being present in the stadium.