Lake Urmia, The legend- N.A me! I am dying. I gave you the life, why you, my dear children don’t do anything for me?!.... If I die, you die....

These are the screams of the blue pearl of Azerbaijan, while spending its last seconds of life. Our beautiful lake is going to die and we are just looking its death.

This exhibition has been organized for Urmia Lake in southern Azerbaijan in Iran. This is, actually it was the second greatest saltwater lake in the world. It was the source of life, the source of greenness of our fatherland, Azerbaijan. There was a time that the arboretums of Azerbaijan were supplier the majority of fruits, especially apples and grapes for Iran country. But now all farmers and planters have been bankrupt.

Iran's government decided to destroy and dry Urmia Lake and it is clear. Sometimes when this issue is introduced, it is said by Iran's authorities that it is their fault and is related to climate change and in our surprise, they believe their lie. The government has built 62 dams on the lake and much of them are under construction, while the lake needs water more than ever. They also built a bridge on the lake which connected two cities together, at the expense of losing the lake and Azerbaijan.

The building plan of this bridge had been started about 25 years ago, but officials did not keep it building and gave it up unfinished until these recent years and after making a lot of dams, it had been completed and hit the final blow to dry the lake Because this ominous bridge divided the lake in two stagnant water part. The southern part has been completely become dry and the northern side is going to death either. I don't know, maybe building dams and bridge and stopping water flooding is a sort of climate change!

Iran's drying plan and injuring the environment is just the appearance of the case. It can be said Republic of Iran is doing this for three main purposes. Indeed with an arrow, hitting multi targets.

The first one in transforming the green land Azerbaijan to a waterless desert, In this case on the one hand we will lose the water and consequently raining will scale down. And on the other side blowing the wind spread the salt all over and its result is eradication of all plants. Also the air will be polluted and respiratory diseases will be increased.

Second purpose is erasing and obliterating Turk people, Turkish language and Turkish culture in Iran. Because when our beautiful mountainous land is uninhabitable people have to move on and vamoose towards the cities they can live. And because of existing the best living possibilities in the capital and Persian towns, public prefer to live in such these places. Over time because the dominant language in these cities is Persian, Azerbaijani Turkish will be eliminated. As you see the government can be successful in destroying our country either our mother tongue or our culture.

And the third reason which in addition to Azerbaijan can be counted in a threat to whole the world is using the water and salt of the lake for nuclear facilities. At first glance it can be seemed ridiculous, but it is true. The reasons are going to be explained.

The water in normal mood has H2O and D2O and the water with high density of D2O is called heavy water. While vaporizing process water of the lake, H2O vapours earlier than D2O and gradually the density of heavy water becomes more. Heavy water is being used in two important cases: Nuclear reactors as a cooler and enrichment technology of Plutonium either which (Plutonium) is used just for nuclear weapons!

The other case is using the salt which is containing Uranium and it is clear where it is used!

If you have had attention, drying the lake has numerous advantages for Islamic Republic of Iran. During our researches on the nuclear issue we found out a great nuclear site near the lake which proves and confirms the accuracy of the top writings. Also we discovered Iran's government did some nuclear testing around this site and under the mountains. As you see they have even built a nuclear plant in Azerbaijan that if it would explode, the most casualties were be focused and directed to Azerbaijan.

According to the top text, Urmia lake issue was cleared for everyone. But the oppressions of Iran Republic are not limited just for these. They built dams on the lake in the past, what are they doing now?!...NOTHING....

They can still rescue our lake by opening the dams and let water floods to the lake, but they do not! In your opinion does this case don't bare the enmity between Iran and Azerbaijan?

Even the new president had promised before selections that the first job he would do it, was attending to Urmia Lake problem, but he didn't nor.

The Iran's authorities are looking for just an excuse to convict Azerbaijan and Turk people. When we talk about the lake and Environmental Defence, they say that we want to change the problem to a political one. When we propound our demands about studying in our mother tongue, the authorities even the Persian citizenry convict us to be separatist.

The plot of Iran's government to ignore and erase whole vestiges of Turk people has been very good designed.

For instance in recent years they have completed obscenity to perfection, So that they changed the content of all books in schools. Now in the studying books it has been written the only language which is spoken and common between everyone in Iran is JUST Persian! There is also written if anybody talks in other language is an alien. Minister of Culture of the new cabinet of new president read his affidavit last week in the parliament which the only thing every one heard was PERSIAN; Persian People, Persian Language, Persian Country, Persian Culture. What a shame to such a racist and Chauvinist regime, isn't it?!

As you read carefully we have been deprived of basic human rights in a country which is trying to be known as a JUST Persian country.

Our civil rights activists are arrested and sentenced to months and years in prison. The last five Azerbaijani activists got 9 years for each of them, just because of demanding studying and talking in their mother tongue.

The Government has ignored us even in critical situations and Persian citizenry cooperate with them. It happened a horrible earthquake in Verziqan, an outlying village in Azerbaijan last year and the poor people there still live in pavilions and tents, despite the frigid weather. They are under the snow and rain and many of them which were alive after the disaster, died just because of cold. About 6000 people died in this accident ( BBC), but the agencies of Iran's Government announced just 300 people! No one, except people of Azerbaijan no one, even Persian citizenry helped them. Now you judge, can we address Persian people compatriot? Any time the Government would fight with us, these Persian guys were at the forefront of the war, really, who are you?!

Sometimes the Government especially Sepah organisation shows more brutal reaction. When they feel their lifetime is going to end they kill and murder the boys of Azerbaijan and show it like an incident. Then they threaten these Martyr's families to remain silent. Otherwise other members of families’ life are in danger. And thus grieving mothers keep living just with desire for revenge.

Now, all people, all citizens in Iran know that the hands of Republic of Iran dipped in our peoples' blood. I do not know every one believe this or not, but I believe one day, which is coming very soon, all of them will be sunk in our brave and alive Martyr's blood.

Tell me now, in this situation, which the only friends you have is just your people, do you prefer separating and getting rid of all prejudices and humiliations, with desire of revenge?.....I do......