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A report from Ahmad riyzi mobaraki


Ahmad riyazi is a civil activist of south Azarbaijan national movement .


Mr . Ahmad riyazi was born in Malekan city in south Azarbaijan . he is one the famous civil activist of the national movement of south Azarbaijan . He has the membership if student activities in Tabriz university too .

Ahmad riyazi has been taken to Tabriz prison to serve the rest of his sentence .

It s’ necessary to mention that Ahmad and his companions were arrested by the officials of Islamic republic on Qum Tappe street when the well known activist and other Azarbaijan lovers were thinking of finding out a procedure to prevent " URMU LAKE " From drying up . After their arrestment the security department of the Islamic republic locked on their families . The officials sequestrated their books , PCS , CDS and so on . we should remind other civil activists and organizations that a vast majority of south Azarbaijanian civil activists From different cities in connection with the civil rights and other things of those types either have been summoned to the intelligent department of Persian hegemony or have been threatened via phone .

Ahmad riyazi graduated in mechanic engineering from Tabriz university .

The one who wrote many articles in connection with Philosophy .



« independent activists spectrum of south Azarbaijan national movement»

2013 / jan / 20







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