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A report of Mr . Azimi ghadim and his situation in prison

The clergy man , Mr . Azimi ghadim is one of those secular clergy

people who is against the inhumane polices of Islamic republic

religion dictatorship .

He is the one who does agree to keep a part religion and policy from

each other .

The secular clergy man is one of south Azarbaijanian civil activists

who demands the realization of south Azarbaijans’ civil rights in a

country in the name of Iran .

In order to show the hateful feelings of south Azarbaijanians to the

growing relations between Islamic republic of Iran and Armenia against

north Azarbaijan , ther was a protest in Maraga , one of south

Azarbaijanian cities , against Armenia .

The Armenia which which committed genocide in November 1991 in North

Azarbaijan , and since then tüenty percent of North Azarbaijans’ soil

has been occupied by the Armenian occupying regime .

According to the reports of south Azarbaijan national movement

activist spectrum , hojataleslam Azimi ghadim criticized the constant

economic assistance of Islamic republic of Iran to Armenia versus

North Azarbaijan . At the time , he pronounced that its’ his hearts’

desire to be martyred on the path of freedom war of Garabag .

His speech was accompanied with long live Azarbaijan and other

national mottoes of protesters .

The peaceful movement of protesters was attacked by the officials of

Islamic republic of Iran . They devastated the civil gathering using

tear gas .

Mr . hojatoleslam Azimi ghadim and several Azarbaijan lovers were

arrested at the same time . So Far there has been no genuine news of

the number of prisoners and their health situation .

It s’ necessary to say that the governance of province of East

Azarbaijan has been in treaty with Armenian diplomats at high levels

versus North Azarbaijan .

That treaty has been the main cause to provoke the negative reaction

of many people of south Azarbaijan , specificly the civil activists of

south Azarbaijan .

Mr . Azimi ghadim has been several times arrested and tortured by the

parsian absolute monarchy .

Now he is being taken in captivity at Tabriz central prison .


« independent activists spectrum of south Azarbaijan national movement»

2013 / Feb / 5






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