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A report of Javid nazmi Javid nazmi is a national civil activists of south Azarbaijan


The national civil activist of south Azarbaijanians is the one who is

under the worst

excruciations of  Islamic republic .


According to the reports of south Azarbaijan national movement

independent activists spectrum , Javid nazmi , the national civil

activist is being kept at the intelligent department of persian racist

regime in Tabriz city suffering the physicial and mental excruciations



The above – mentioned is one of those south Azarbaijan civil activists

who had been arrested and kept in captivity several times before then


The latest arrestment of Javid nazmi dates from January 22th  2013

Now he is under the gun of Persian racist regime just because of

demanding the civil rights of south Azarbaijanians in the era of 21st

century .


We call every single of human rights organizations to save the south

Azarbaijanian civil activist in the Iran .


2013 / Feb / 9








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