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A report of arrestment of south Azarbaijan " Yeni Gamoh " members




Dr . latif hassani the secretary general of the YeniGamoh and Mr . Sharam radmehr who is a member in the head office of the Yenigamoh were arrested on February 16 th , in 2013 .




The security officials of the Islamic republic arrested the secretary general of the Yenigamoh Dr . Hassani at his personal house in karaj . Mr . shahram radmehr was arrested in Xiyav city  ( Meshkinshahr ) on the same day too .




It is necessary to say that the two other civil activist members of Yenigamoh 's head office in the names of Mahmood fazli and Ayat mehrali beigli had been arrested before then .




According to the civil activist related close individuals Mahmood fazli has been transferred times from intelligence service to Tabriz city prison and vice versa so far .




Ayat mehrali beigi , the other civil activist of the Yenigamoh in south Azarbaijan , has constantly been under the rough and tough investigations since the first day of his arrestment by the officials of Islamic republic .




The Persian hegemony considers the Yenigamoh of south Azarbaijan as an illegal party .




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« Independent activists spectrum of south Azarbaijan national movement »




2013 / Feb / 19











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