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Davood Azimzadeh " is a south Azarbaijan national activist


Davood Azimzadeh " is a south Azarbaijan national activist . According to the correspondents of the independent activists spectrum of south Azarbaijan national movement , the civil activist is in a bad health condition .


Mr . Davood Azimzadeh , the national civil activist of south Azarbaijan is suffering the worst inhuman tortures . Due to the cruel behaviors of the Islamic republic Persian hegemony mercenaries , the civil activist has lost %50 of his teeth including malnutrition .


Mr . Davood Azimzadeh bears up with his appreciable Faith to the Path on which he steps although he is under the various unethical physical and mental agonies .


The civil activist was arrested on Day 13 in January 2013 at his own personal house in Maraga city by the officials of Islamic republic of Iran .

Then he was taken to Tabriz central prison from Maraga city intelligence department . we are proudly honored to inform the followers of this page that the south Azarbaijan Maragalian national civil activist with accompanied the other Azarbaijan lovers had attended at center square of Maraga city to condemn the Armenia' s genocide in 1991.


As you know the advocate of Islam parishion , the Islamic republic of Iran , delegated an absolute option to East Azarbaijan governor of province to enhance the bilateral relations with non – muslim country against the north Azarbaijan . The south Azarbaijan national civil activist , at the time , with the other Azarbaijan lovers had gathered to show off their dissatisfaction about the agreement in every aspect which is against the tyrannized Muslim country . ( North Azarbaijan ).

That 's why Maraga brave people including civil activists raised a civil protest making speeches in favor of both Azarbaijans so that once more prove to the Azarbaijan 's enemies that none of the sides of the Araz river cam forget the other side . The south Azarbaijan independent spectrum is highly lesson Maraga brave people's civil action on other future occasions .


The south Azarbaijan civil activist Davood Azimzadeh is the one who risks his life at the war of Iran and Iraq . He had already been caught just because of his civil activists. Now he is in Maraga prison .


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