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Series of reports about South Azerbaijanis who lost their lives in 2006 demonstrations - Eyvaz Siyahi

AZOH: Series of reports about South Azerbaijanis who lost their lives in 2006 demonstrations against discriminatory policies of the oppressive regime of Iran.

Azerbaijan -Turks in South Azerbaijan (Iran) have been systematically discriminated over the past 90 years since when Pahlavi regime came to power in Iran. Pahlavis aimed to build a nations-state in Iran based on Persian identity and language and banned the use of ethnic national languages such as Azerbaijani -Turkish in public and in schools. They even went on burning books in Azerbaijani-Turkish. Further details about chauvinist policies of Pahlavis can be found in numerous resources such as the falsifying series of books from Ahmad Kasravi and Mahmood Afshar .

The 2006 demonstrations were sparked by a racist cartoon and article in Iran Newspaper, the official newspaper which publishes the views of the Iranian Islamic Persian government. This cartoon depicted Azerbaijan -Turks in Iran as cockroaches who don’t understand human language and repeatedly answer: namana (what?) when a human being is talking to them. The article in Iran Newspaper went on giving metaphorically household tips on how to get rid of these cockroaches and put them on the choice of either to learn human language (meant to be Persian) or be eliminated. Widespread but peaceful demonstrations followed in all Azerbaijani cities in Iran in 22 May 2006, which soon turned into a protest against the longstanding discriminatory policies of the central Persian government. The oppressive regime in Iran came back with an iron fist, using brute force against protesters all over South Azerbaijani cities, resulting in many deaths, injuries and long imprisonments. The regime, however, managed to keep utmost media silence and categorically denied any deaths in the demonstrations and claimed the protests were a plot of the Zionist Regime (Israel) in their terms and the west.

A brief report about one of those protesters who lost his life in the cause of home ( South Azerbaijan ) .

Eyvaz Siyahi

Eyvaz Siyahi was from Urmia. He has taken part in the mass demonstrations for the Azerbaijani-Turkish ethnic rights. He was attacked and severely injured by the Iranian police during the May 2006 demonstrations in Urmia and died in the hospital due to his wounds.

«The south Azerbaijan independent national civil activists spectrum »

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