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A petition to the international human rights organizations due to the hostility – bearing arrestment of 36 south Azerbaijan national civil activists

Stop the repressing monarchy of Persian hegemony .

The south Azerbaijan independent national civil activists spectrum has been informed that 36 Urmian independent national civil activist were caught on June 21st in 2013 by the Islamic republic officials when they were going to climb .

According to eye – witnesses , the hirelings of Islamic republic who have sold their souls to the devil took the mountain climbers to an unknown place insulting and whacking .

Our sources report that some of these activists were whacked in public to death .

Now , we face to the international human rights organizations .

It is not more than several days that the Islamic republic has renewed its political figures and president with taking place a selection in front of the international community in the name of a free election . And yet we’ve not forgotten “ Hassan Rohani “ that fruit of that show how was trying to persuade people at the debate shows to vote in favor of him . social freedom and political reforms were the mottoes and slogans of the new clergy – political figure of Islamic republic who takes the office for the next term . After all , as a substantial number of 35 million south Azerbaijanians predicted , it does seen that there will be no change on policies in connection whit the south Azerbaijanians in the future either .

As we are informed 36 ones of Azerbaijanians have been newly taken prisoners in URMU city just because of their civil demands .

We believe the new illegal and unwelcome action of the Islamic republic indicates once more the wild originality of the governance the same as before . And we south Azerbaijanian independent national civil activists spectrum are in the belief that the mischievous and terrorist producing regime will carry of its inhuman efforts either inside or outside of its territory ( Iran ) .

On this stage of time and the critical situation in the “ Middle East “ a clear and vital question arises to the ones who believe in democracy .

We want to ask a clear question from the ones who are hopeful to the future of reformism inside when a brillian dictatorship designed on an offensive and a totalitarian ideology is not merciful about its nation on any aspects , how can that system be reliable If it has nuclear weapons ?

Please see :

We call the international human rights organizations to help the weak foundation of human rights in south Azerbaijan .

Here there are some of URMU city activists who have newly been taken to captivity just because of their civil and rightful activities :

1 – sommaye alidust 2 – vahid faezpour 3 – paria khalilzadeh 4 – sevda khalilzadeh 5 – qolam gholizadeh 6 – meysam azadi 7 – vahid nasibi 8 – morteza zarrin 9 – masume parvij 10 – Zahra zadqasem 11 – hossein zadqasem 12 – tohid hasani 13 – saeed lotfi 14 – saeed abdi 15 – nima hasani 16 – erfan moqadam 17 – sima sakeni 18 – milad kolani 19 – babak ghane

Directed by :

“ The independent national civil activists spectrum “



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