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Following to the hunger strike of political activists of Azerbaijan, representatives of AZOH and GADP met with the secretariat director of human rights commission of Europe parliament

AZOH: Representatives of the two Azerbaijani political organizations, informed Levente Császi - director of the Secretariat of the Commission on Human Rights and also head of Secretariat office of general foreign policy and political consultant of former head of the Europe Parliament- the latest condition of Azerbaijani political prisoners during a meeting with Mr. Levente Császi in the Europe Parliament headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday 17th of July 2013.

According to AZOH, after beginning a hunger strike by five members of Yeni GAMOH central council (Mahmoud Fazli, Dr.LatifHasani, AyatMehralibaglou, BehboudGholizadeh, ShahramRadmehr) in prison of Tabriz in the last week, consultations began with Europe parliament's human rights commission, and Azerbaijani activists requested an urgent meeting, following the pursuing the case, the secretariat of the commission meeting set date for Wednesday, so Azerbaijani delegation were welcomed by Mr. Császi.

The main issues raised in this 1.5 hour meeting, were the prisoners condition being in dire straits, and the need for immediate attention to this matter by the Human Rights Commission. Mr. Levente Császi received the reports and pamphlets and notified about delivering this information to the members of the Human Rights Commission.

Two of the members were to participate in the meeting, being in charge for Iran department, director of the Secretariat pointed out in regret that due to intensive work program, it didn`t take place, as he notified that they have asked some questions to be answered by the Azerbaijani delegation.

Azerbaijani activists view about the latest developments in Iran and the result of the presidential election, analysis of the latest status of Iran's nuclear case and Azerbaijan national movement`s approach with this respect, Lake Urmia`s condition and the reasons for drying it and Azerbaijan national movement`s general demands were the main questions of human rights secretariat director of the parliament`s, asked from the representatives of the two organizations.

Azerbaijani activists handed some pamphlets related to violation of human rights in South Azerbaijan and some notes about Lake Urmia and also brochures were presented to them regarding the history and geography of Azerbaijan. Mr. Császi also stressed the need to continue and expand the scope of such meetings.

It is noteworthy  Mr. Mahmoud Bilgin (spokesman for the Azerbaijan Democratic Party), Mr. Amir Mardani (spokesman of Azerbaijan Student Movement -AZOH) and Ms. Aylin Bilgin (Azerbaijani women's rights activist) participated in the meetings.

It is also worth mentioning the delegation held meetings with head staff members for the South Caucasus and Human Rights department of Open Society Institute (Soros) on Monday 8th of July 2013, and also they met with 6 members and representatives of the "parliament of Europe" at its headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday 9th of July 2013.

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