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Open Defence of Yeni Gamoh Party against Unjust Sentences of Iranian Court

For democracy seeking Azerbaijani people and organisations,

As the innate nature of human beings to live in freedom, self-determination for prosperous social and individual life is not a disputable fact in today’s world. In this process Freedom of speech and beliefs underpin the social development and democracy.

Despite the fact that Iranian constitution emphasizes on ethnic groups` human rights, Iranian government continues the dictatorship, and opposes the racist politics against Azerbaijani-ethnic people and acts against their legitimate freedom rights violently.

Although there is a so-called democratic system in Elections, the right for citizens to elect their real candidates are narrowed by guardian council. Meanwhile, there is a strict restriction for Azerbaijani Turks in registering the political parties to pursue their basic ethnic rights within the Iranian political system framework.

The Elections held in 2009 led some of the candidates to house arrest and some other activists to the prisons. Accordingly, the YENI-GAMOH leaders were arrested on separatism and illegal party charge.

 Iron fist politics against the Azerbaijani human rights activists and YENI GAMOH party leaders reveals the fact that Iranian government is not determined to give and respect Azerbaijani ethnic human rights.

YENI GAMOH party based on South Azerbaijani mutual culture, language, history and interest strongly believes that Iranian society is a Multinational considering Azerbaijani people as a nation as it has been emphasized in UNPO.

Although the self-determination for Azerbaijani nation is the core belief of YENI GAMOH pursuing the democratic rights of Azerbaijani nation within the international laws framework, Iranian government doesn’t tolerate even the basic demands of the Azerbaijani nation.

Unfortunately, YENI GAMOH leaders have been sentenced to prison 9 years for each and 45 years totally.

We as YENI GAMOH members condemn the Iranian justice court`s decisions and consider it as a political decision. It is hereby invited from all individual, social groups and human right activists to condemn and protest against this injustice decision.

 translated by: Saeed Tanish

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