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Agents of AZOH and GADP met Vice-chair of Delegation for relations with Iran in European parliament

AZOH: On Tuesday the 27th September 2013 agents of two Southern Azerbaijani political organization met Ms Cornelia Ernst (Vice-chair of Delegation for relations with Iran in  European parliament) in EU parliament headquarter and described national demands and Turk people’s difficulties and hardships in Southern Azerbaijan and urged humanitarian aids of European countries to Azerbaijani people more than ever.

According to SASM at this meeting Ms Cornelia Ernst while referring to mechanisms and the ways of putting pressure on Iran’s government to prevent of its racist policies, emphasized the topic of Southern Azerbaijan and the raised issues in the meeting would be seriously considered by the Delegation. While mentioning to visit some of the Baluch and Kurdish parties, she stressed with considering the majority of Turkish population in Iran and also several meetings of Southern Azerbaijani delegation with members of EU parliament during these recent months, discussion with this panel would be continued more and more.

Of the main issues raised in 1.30-hour meeting with Cornelia Ernst (vice-chair of EU Delegation, a member of Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and a member of Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality) it can be noted to serious condition of prisoners in Azerbaijan, the intense wave of arrests, heavy sentences of imprisonment and the necessity of urgent attention to this matter.

Ms Ernst also received new reports and materials about Azerbaijan by the Azerbaijani delegation and announced she would post and follow up this information to the human rights Committee. She emphasized the issue of human rights violations in Iran is a matter which have been considered by all countries and Iran’s government must be held accountable and brought to justice in this case.

Nevertheless the main part of meeting was devoted to the serious situation of Urmia lake and its catastrophic consequences. The vice-president of Delegation in addition to asking questions about the reasons of drying up of Urmia lake, the relationship between Iran’s nuclear issue and this case, the causes of Iran’s policy to Azerbaijani population’s mandatory vamoosing and its consequences, emphasized this catastrophe should be immediately considered by the Delegation.

The representatives of Southern Azerbaijan organizations by providing documents, brochures, pamphlets and pictures of Urmia lake acquainted Ms Ernst with new information in this regard.

Cornelia Ernst upon of the receipt of the reports of holding Urmia lake exhibition in Sweden-Gothenburg attended by representatives of this country’s parties, in addition to appreciate this case and emphasize on continuation it in other European cities, stated she would provide the necessary arrangements for holding such this exhibition in European parliament by the delegation of Southern Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani activists’ view to the latest developments in Iran and the result of the presidential elections, analysing the latest status of Iran’s nuclear case and the general demands and aspirations of Azerbaijani national movement were the other part of issues which the vice-chair of Delegation for relations with Iran in EU parliament discussed about them with the representatives of two Azerbaijani political organizations.

It should be noted that Mr Mahmoud Bilgin (the spokesman for the Southern Azerbaijan Democrat Party- SADP), Mr Amir Mardani (the spokesman for the Southern Azerbaijan Student Movement- SASM) and Ms Aida Karimli (Southern Azerbaijan national rights activist) participated in these meetings.

It is noteworthy during the past few months Southern Azerbaijan Delegation have met meetings consistently in EU parliament and elsewhere and these meetings will be continued.



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