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Two days meetings: SASM's and SADP's agencies with Vice-Chair of Committee on Agriculture and the administrator of secretariat of Delegation for relations with Iran

AZOH: The meetings of two Azerbaijani political formations' representatives in Brussels and European parliament headquarter was continued.

According to SASM, agents of SASM and SADP formations following the meeting with members and advisors of European parliament, this time besides a meeting with Marit Paulsen, Linda Hultgren, Morag Donaldson proceeded to describe the latest situation in South Azerbaijan.

In the meeting on Wednesday evening 4th September, Mrs Marit Paulsen attended along with her advisor Mrs Linda Hultgren and talked and discussed about the various issues, nearly two hours. Mrs Paulsen (the member and Vice-Chair of Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, and also a member of Delegation for relations with Iran) got the latest news and reports of South Azerbaijan political prisoners' situation, economic difficulties and problems, how dealing of Iran' regime with industrial capitals of Azerbaijan and expressed that unfortunately, so far it has been much neglected the situation of non-Persian nations in Iran and these issues have been hidden from the view of European parliament.

But she dedicated more meeting-time to Urmia Lake and because of being member and vice chairman of related committees, asked much questions about this issue. The topics which were discussed in this section included Urmia Lake drying causes, serious relation between Iran's nuclear issue and this case and consequences of this disaster. Azerbaijani organizations' representatives by providing the most recent documents, images and etc. stressed on the need for immediate attending to Urmia Lake. Mrs Paulsen and Mrs Hultgren while expressing regret and great wonder of Iran's huge project in this regard and its details, stated this matter would be investigated seriously in the relevant committees.

At the meeting on Thursday morning which lasted more than an hour agents of SASM and SADP attended in European parliament building and met Mrs Morag Donaldson and pointed to the oppression and tyranny imposed upon Turk people who were residing in southern Azerbaijan.

During these conversations the main items were allocated to the political prisoners' situation in South Azerbaijan, Iran's new president promises about South Azerbaijan and Urmia Lake issue. Administrator of Delegation for relations with Iran and the director of secretariat of foreign policies committee of European parliament, expressed her opinions, analyses and suggestions and while feeling in honour of Azerbaijani political activists because of their sacrifices in the way of achieving their national rights, entitled Iran as one of the major problems of Middle East and described Iran's especial commission's performance and its future plans. She also while stressing on importance of continuing cooperation regarding Southern Azerbaijan and increasing activities, expressed she would use all her power to provide more opportunities in order to develop such discussions in European parliament of and Iran's delegation.

Like the visiting on Wednesday, during this meeting also it has been informed the status of Urmia Lake and the most recent information about the regime's policies in this regard to the administrator of secretariat of Delegation for relations with Iran and the eminent advisor of European parliament's foreign policies and these issues were referred by her to the relevant committees.

It should be mentioned Mr Mahmoud Bilgin (the spokesman for the Southern Azerbaijan Democrat Party- SADP), Mr Amir Mardani (the spokesman for the Southern Azerbaijan Student Movement- SASM) and Mrs Aida Karimli (Southern Azerbaijan national rights activist) participated in these meetings.

It is noteworthy also which south Azerbaijan delegation attended on European parliament`s headquarter on Tuesday and met and discussed with deputy president of Delegation for relations with Iran.


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