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گفتنی است این سایت آرشیو مطالب منتشر شده از اسفند 89 تا دی 92 و همچنین از مهر 94 تا شهریور 95 را شامل می شود

14months imprisonmet for three Azerbaijani civil activists in the Revolutionary court of Mahabad- Southern Azerbaijan

AZOH: Ramin Rezayi, Ali Hedayati, Yadollah Dashti the three Azerbaijani civil activists were convicted  respectively to 91 days, 5 months and 6 months imprisonment.

On 3th the August of current year, Ramin Rezayi together with Ali Hedayati and Yadollah Dashti were tried in the Revolutionary court of Mahabad (West Azerbaijan) chaired by Ahmad Jawadi Kia.

According to SASM Naghi Mahmoudi the human rights activist and attorney said in this regard to Harana's rapporteur: "Ramin Rezayi, Ali Hedayati, Yadollah Dashti  have been condemned in the mentioned branch of court respectively to 91 days, 5 and 6 months imprisonment. According to issued indictment from public and revolutionary court of Tekab, Ramin Rezayi had been accused in accusation of propaganda against the regime."

He said more: " The promotional activities in favor of Azerbaijani national an separatist movement formation, Pan-Turkism, the content of SMS messages sent by the defendants, based on recorded documents in intelligence agency which indicate their ethnic prejudice and nationalistic ideas and classified available documents in the intelligence department have been titled as the basis of these issued sentences by Jawadi Kia."

Finally he pointed out: " Whereas it does not exist a group, party or an organization with the name or title of Azerbaijani national movement or Pan-Turkism and merely people's tendency for Azerbaijani national issue, can be a considerable subject.

Also during this trial, Mrs Fatima sattari had responsibility as the advocate for all three defendants.


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