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Salar Touri was arrested

SASM: On tuesday 17th September Salar Touri, Azerbaijani national and civil activist was arrested.

According to SASM on Monday 16th the september, Azerbaijani national and civil activist, Salar touri after return to the court of justice in Tabriz related to the case of Yanar Cafe, was arrested by security forces and transferred to Tabriz intelligence office.

This Azerbaijani activist had been summoned to Tabriz court, in order to complete judicial proceedings of his arresting in Yanar Cafe.

On 24th February 2013 on the eve of the first Asian match of Tractor FC, Salar Touri along with 50 men of national activits and also the normal customers of the Cafe, had been detained with the invasion of security forces-police to Yanar Cafe and moved to police force security (Saeb) and after 2 days tepmorary detention, they were released.

Thereafter, on 2th March 2013, Salar Touri together with Mohammad Amiri, Mohammad KHatibi, Ali Sirnaak and Aadel KHandan, after having appeared in the first court session, were arrested again and moved to Tabriz prison.

On 12th March 2013, he along with other detainees activists, were released from Tabriz prison on 100 million tomans bail.

Previously, on 20th February on the eve of the international mother language day, Salar Touri and Vahid Habib Cheshmeh were captured in his own house. After 3 months temporary detention, on 9th May 2012 according to acquittal verdict by court branch of Tabriz revolutionary court, was released from Tabriz central prison.

The branch 18 of appeal court of East Azerbaijan province, after the protest by deputy of

public and revolutionary court of Tabriz against the court of appeal, quashed Salar Touri's and Vahid Habib Cheshmeh's acquittal decision and sentenced them to 4 months suspened  imprisonment.


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