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SASM's and SADP's common statement: The request for being absence and not attending in the schools and universities and not speaking Farsi on 23th September

Today in the world where, not educating in mother tongue and not educating mother tongue are just like a bitter joke, another 23th September comes and again thousands of innocent and oppressed and non-Persian child and adolescent are attacked by government assimilation policies.

For many decades chauvinist ruling system have determined the education system of a multinational country, Iran as a massacre site for non-Persians and Azerbaijan that established the first modern school of Iran, haven't receive any reward except cultural humiliation, historical falsification and its national genocide.

But this year schools reopening have been also coincided with other events. Still, dozens of prominent Azerbaijani activists have been captured in Iranian regime's prisons for weeks and detention and torture for their homeland have been the minimum response for their sincere endeavours in the liberation of their motherland from occupation and oppression. Hundreds of Azerbaijani courageous young men at the expense of defending their own existence and identity are tried, jailed and become martyr and Iran's regime still deals with the case of Azerbaijani activists without any compassion and fairness.

Azerbaijan's territory hasn't been immune from the of Iranian regime's intrigues and the government, as the past decade routine insists over inauspicious drying project of Urmia Lake and conversion of  Azerbaijan to scorched earth!

Despite the replacements of governments and people, historical experience and new documents reveal well that Iran's regime has implemented a unique and same policy in dealing with the issue of South Azerbaijan in all periods. While Urmia Lake have lost more than 75 percentage of its land area and look at the next year as the last year of its life, the head of Iran's government has announced the beginning of revival operation in the next few years!

Great nation of Azerbaijan!

Authorities and rulers know that Azerbaijani people because of their children's gallantry won't be exhausted on the struggle way to realize their full national and cultural rights and will begin their campaign with trying to being Turkish language recognized in Iran and acquiring the right to education in mother tongue and will continue to acquire the right to self-determination.

being Turkish language recognized in Iran, provided condition to education in mother tongue, assigned national radio and television to Turkish language and people, created appropriate situation for publish national and free media in Turkish language are our minimal demands in terms of Azerbaijani Turk people's right.

We believe the main background of being Turkish language recognized is related to penetration rate and usage of Turkish language in households and at the community levels of Azerbaijani society. Azerbaijani nation's final victory (besides the official following policy up) has been hidden in the serious attention to informal tutorial and expanding and setting up educational classes for Turkish language, literature, history, music, folklore, etc. and commemorate national and traditional ceremonies in the families.

We, in addition to condemn arbitrary, unreasonable and violent arrests and detentions of Azerbaijani political activists by Iranian intelligence agent, demand their immediate and unconditional release.

Many of these activists because of objection to the method of their detention and ambiguous process of interrogation are under numerous brutal tortures and undoubtedly, responsibility for consequences of any inconvenience and possible danger to the health of these Azerbaijani activists will be with Islamic Republic of Iran.

We believe in due to the arrival of the day of spiritual genocide of Azerbaijan and to protest against Iran's policies, not attending in the schools, universities and other educational centres and also not speaking Farsi on 23th September (1th Mehr) can demonstrate a highly successful and effective example of civil disobedience in South Azerbaijan.

The noble nation of Azerbaijan, especially political and student activists, by their absence from educational institutions and not speaking Farsi in public places, besides illustrating the strategy of civil campaign of South Azerbaijan national movement, will display the strength of movement is in the protection of national identity.

Togetherness is power...

Southern Azerbaijan Student Movement-SASM

Southern Azerbaijan democrat Party- SADP

Saturday, 21th September 2013

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