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300 Students of Urmia university of Technology by signing a statement requested expulsion of the head of university

AZOH: According to received reports to SASM, in the wake of recent events and a sit in Urmia University of technology, a large number of university students in an open letter to the head of ministry of science, demanded explicitly removal of the current rector of university.

This letter was set within 2 days, a few days after the sit in Urmia university of technology and when it was signed by 300 students that after being Mr Tofiqi introduced by them as minister and beginning of the reform process in university, students became very hopeful to make authorities compelled to listen their legitimate and rightful aspirations.

In this letter students besides reminding some suspicious financial currents briefly, have also expressed several problems of their union.

But what is written and significant in the content of the letter just like other letters from other universities, is the problem of making university guarded and secured against students during these years especially four recent years.

In the content of the letter it has been focused on the subject of make easy to form associations, organizations and publications.

At the end of the letter which a copy of that has been delivered to education commission of parliament, students of Urmia University of technology have supported handing ministry of science to Dr Tofiqi and wished success for him intimately.


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