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Qazvin workers are creditors for unpaid salaries during 3 to 30 months

AZOH: Labour house of Qazvin simultaneously with first journey to this province by minister of cooperatives, labour and social welfare of eleventh state, has published an open letter addressed to him.

According to SASM labour house organization of Qazvin province in a letter which has written addressed to minister of cooperatives, labour and social welfare beside recalling " Being Qazvin industrial" has added: " Qazvin province has more than 3200 industrial unit on the paper, that in an optimistic mood 50 percent of companies are closed down or in dissolution stage and 50 other percent are working below the nominal capacity."

Then in this letter of labour organization it has been described conditions of the province labour formations and stated: "Labour organizations are not in a good condition. Previously Qazvin province has 164 units of labour council ( Islamic labour council) that now their number have declined to about 40 units and sometimes companies prefer workers' representatives instead of Islamic labour council. Regarding to the mechanism for choosing representatives that is carried out without elections and just by collecting signatures and supporting by manager, workers because of making temporary contracts and fear of expulsion, don't dare to protest and presume the right to choose."

In another part of the letter referring to unpaid salaries of Farnakh, Mehnakh and Naznakh, Pushineh Baft, Lamp Alvand, NaghshIran and etc. workers, it has been stipulated: " A large number of workers has not get 3 to 30 months salaries who are suffering from uncertainty and confusion."

In another part of the letter uncertain fate of protecting law for premature retirement of difficult and dangerous jobs workers has been mentioned and written: " Implementation of  tenth article of industry modernization law will not be run by issuing guidelines outside the law."


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