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"Chogan" and "Southern Azerbaijan" were both successfully registered in UNESCO

AZOH: The republic of Azerbaijan could register the game of "Polo" as Azerbaijan's historical game in the list of world heritage in danger of UNESCO.

According to a document proved by UNESCO, it has been mentioned to the names of "Southern Azerbaijan" and "Qarabag". This as an international evidence will cause to recognize the name of "Southern Azerbaijan" in different cases, the issue that Iranian state websites realized very late and backlash from Iranian media over this issue was inconclusive. Interestingly, there was the lack of opposition by the Iranian representatives in the meeting with the register of "Polo" in the name of Azerbaijan.

According to SASM, during the eighth annual session of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage committee in the capital of Azerbaijan Baku which has been taking place since Monday 2 December attended by 600 delegates from 95 countries, on Tuesday 3 December 2013 "Polo" a traditional game in the region of Qarabag was recorded in the name of Azerbaijan. In this document due to holding the competitions in the Southern parts of Azerbaijan, it is also noted the name of "Southern Azerbaijan".

At the meeting, the advisory council president provided a report of the world recorded file of "Polo" offered by Azerbaijan government and said: "Due to the economic conditions the extent of Polo has been reduced in other countries and there are a few skilled and qualified coaches. However, the advisory council has concluded Azerbaijan has required features for registration. Azerbaijan state has also supported this issue and this support has had a huge effect on the record."

After that the members of the advisory council announced that there is an opposition to record the file in the name of Azerbaijan or no and there was no objection.

Non-opposition to this issue by Iranian representatives who attended in the meeting again confirmed the controversies of Iranian media being vain and false.

At the end Azerbaijan's representative in UNESCO who attended in the meeting as the host announced: "On behalf of Azerbaijan state I appreciate all members for agreement with the record of this case. Registration of Polo is an honour for Azerbaijan."

Thus Polo titled "Chogan, traditional game in the region of Qarabag" was recorded as intangible heritage of Azerbaijan and also remained as an international and authentic document mentioning the name of "Southern Azerbaijan".

Congratulations on this success to the great nation of Azerbaijan


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