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On the anniversary of 21 Azar disaster, an open letter by GADP- AZOH (SADP-SASM) organizations to Mr. Obama: It is time to apologize by USA

AZOH: A group of Southern Azerbaijani political activists in a letter addressed to the president of America, asked him to clarify his position toward the 21 Azer disaster and reveal the documents.

According to SASM in the open letter of SASM-SADP referring to the events in 21 Azer and the catastrophe of genocide nearly 30 thousand Azerbaijani Turks by Iranian regime, it has been asked USA to take another approach and appease the nation of Azerbaijan due to take part in this disaster.

In this letter, in addition to note that Mr. Obama recently apologized due to American government performance to help overthrow the state of Mossadegh in Iran, this action is considered an example of right diplomatic behaviour and it has been asked continuation of this procedure for Southern Azerbaijan.

In this letter it is reminded this apology and disclosure of state documents about the atrocities in 21 Azer will cause Southern Azerbaijan National Movement which is only real alternative to set up a democratic system in the region, gains redoubled power.

It should be mentioned this letter has been submitted to the office of the president of America, as well as in the coming week it will be personally provided by Southern Azerbaijan alliance (SASM-SADP) to several senators and members of the United States congress.


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