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Southern Azerbaijan alliance


Day 1: Southern Azerbaijan Advocacy Meetings, Washington D.C.


Meeting with Mr. Ben Sundholm, 9 december 2013

Legislative Correspondent for Senator Jeff Flake U.S. Senator for Arizona

Senator Jeff Flake belongs to the Republican Party. Flake served as the head of the Foundation for Democracy in the 1990s and helped stimulate democratic reform in Namibia. He believes the only way to foster long-term, sustainable development is through free trade. Flake adopted the Republican Liberty Caucus Position Statement, which stated that foreign aid is often more harmful than helpful and should be curtailed. He also has long pushed to end the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba.

He had been a staunch opponent of sanctions against Iran for years, repeatedly voting against sanctions arguing that the United States should not get                                                                                                       involved in Iran’s politics. In 2006, 2007 and 2010, he voted against tougher sanctions. However, once he declared his candidacy for a Senate seat, he signed the Iran sanctions bill. He stated: “limiting the Iranian regime’s access to the capital it needs to produce nuclear weapons is a necessary action to be taken. We need to send a strong signal to Iran in advance of the Baghdad negotiations tomorrow that their actions to develop nuclear weapons won’t be tolerated. Putting a choke hold on Iran’s financial resources could avert disaster for Israel and the rest of the Middle East.” Congressman Flake has long opposed unilateral economic sanctions, but has supported multilateral sanctions or sanctions targeting a regime. He believes the bills that he has supported regarding Iran sanctions (H.R. 3508 and H.R 1905) are to deter the development of nuclear weapons by Iran.

Notes from the meeting;

After a presentation of the situation of Southern Azerbaijan and the political issues Mr. Sundholm said that he was very interested in the matter. He mentioned that he had not heard about the situation before and that he would take the matter back to Senator Jeff Flake and that they would raise the question at the senate.  The questions that were asked was how the sanctions on Iran had affected the people of Southern Azerbaijan and what we believed would happen now that the sanctions are going to be discussed.

Meeting with Mr. Ryan Propis 9 december 2013

Foreign Policy Staffer, Legislative Assistant to Congressman Ted Yoho Representative of the 3rd District

Congressman Ted Yoho belongs to the Republican Party. He signe


d a letter sent to President Obama on July 1 2013 urging increased pressure on Iran to dismantle its nuclear program. The letter expressed disbelief that Iran’s election will suggest a reversal of Iran’s nuclear policy. The letter calls upon the President to put more pressure on Iran.

Congressman Ted Yoho has always urged for a diplomatic solution, rather than an armed conflict. Regarding the new nuclear deal with Iran, Congressman Ted Yoho stated: “

opportunity for diplomacy, it is always preferable to sending our sons and daughters into harm's way. /.../ For that reason I am hopeful for peace, however President Rouhani's past actions and I welcome the statements require a sceptical eye. Iran remains the world's leading state sponsor of terror."

Notes from the meeting;

Mr. Propis was already informed about the situation although he had not realised the seriousness of the matter specially the situation of Lake Urmiye. The questions that were asked was focused around Lake Urmiye and what was necessary to do in order to prevent the lake from completely drying out.  Mr. Propis assured that he would take the matter to heart and that he would take the information to the congress at the next session.


Meeting with William G. Todd 9 december 2013

Deputy Legislative Director of Senator Thad Cochran U.S. Senator for Mississippi, 9 december

Senator Thad Cochran is a conservative Republican Senator. He is a supporter of measures to maintain a strong national defense and he is a member of the Senate National Security Working Group.

In 2012, he co-sponsored a bill expressing the need to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. Senator Cochran also cosponsored a bill to hold the Iranian government responsible for its threatening behaviour and to support a transition to democracy. He co-sponsored a bill that condemned former President Ahmadinejad’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and called upon all members of the United Nations to condemn these statements as a violation of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In 2010, he also voted in favour of a resolution to enact sanctions on Iran’s oil system as a way of bringing Iran back to the negotiating table with regards to its nuclear program. In 2007, he voted in favour of a resolution to prevent the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran from turning Shi’a militia groups into Hezbollah-like forces in Iraq.



Notes from the meeting;

Timothy R. Wolverton the Legislative Aide of Senate Thad Cochran also attended the meeting and together with Mr Todd they listened with great interest and were surprised  that they had not been informed about the situation before. More than once the asked why they had not got informed until now and why we were contacting them now. They explained that Iran and the nuclear issue of Iran is there main focus and that the knowledge of Southern Azerbaijan and Lake Urmiye changes the situation and makes it more serious. Mr Todd asked us to keep them updated on the situation.


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