Images of capturing Hossein Ali Mohammadi during Tractor FC match

AZOH: In Thursday evening,12th the September during the football match between Tractor FC and Malavan-Anzali, more than 15 people of Tractor fans were arrested by security forces and transferred to Tabriz's security agent.

According to SASM, security guards beated strongly this people and insulted and humuliated them by vulgar terms.

Farzad Mahdavi of the eye area and Hossein Ali Mohammadi of the face area have been injured.

In the following photoes, arresting H.Ali mohammadi and a mass of Tractor FC fans has been depicted.

It should be mentioned on Friday 13th the September, Farzad Mahdavi and Hossein Ali Mohammadi, two Azerbaijani and Tabriz's residents national and civil activists, along with other detainees during the match, have been released on bail.